About Katelyn McCarney

Katelyn has been called a "Story Specialist." Her study began very young—from an enthralled toddler watching Beauty and the Beast again and again until sunrise, to putting her sister to sleep by reciting every moment of the Harry Potter films, to analyzing today's newest musicals lyric by lyric, to expanding her ever-growing library, she is constantly searching for the next tale as old as time.


After graduating with her bespoke degree in Storytelling (“Comparative Narratology"), she created Storybound to house her project-based work in Story Development.  She's worked on and created stories in many forms, including books, movies, shows, events, illustrations, concept pitches, and music videos.

Katelyn travels frequently, story exploring near and far. When she's not on the road, she splits her time between Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and regular visits to New York.


All photographs, writings, content, and designs for Storybound by Katelyn McCarney unless otherwise noted.

About Storybound

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— Katelyn McCarney, written on the patio of Pegasus Coffee House on Bainbridge Island

Our North Star

The most impactful stories can resonate through time, connecting us to those who came before, and inevitably those still after. Our North Star guiding our every effort is great storytelling. We are bound for that star, and everything we do to get there is bound by that goal.