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A story is a theme in motion.

But a theme alone does not a story make. Nor is the plot the story. Put that theme into a context, a structure, and then ask: what happens? That’s your story. 

It’s the essence of the tale, the underlying purpose through which all obstacles are overcome and defined. It’s the language of all human expression, how we understand, learn, feel, and grow. A well told story lodges a spot in its audience’s heart, and keeps burning there. It changes them. 

To be constantly after the best telling, the most focused route to that core purpose, to execute that theme with quality craftsmanship, is to be bound by story, for story, to story: to be Storybound.


Storybound Magazine

A quarterly publication all about storytelling. Each issue looks at both stories we created and the inspiring stories and storytellers we found in our travels along the way.

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Contract & Consulting

Stories come in many shapes and sizes, so our work does too.

From directing shows, to illustrating children's books, to editing scripts, to art directing a 3D music video, our work in storytelling is grouped into three main services:


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