Storybound Magazine | Issue No 12

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Issue 12 cover copy.jpg

Storybound Magazine | Issue No 12


Be Adventurous. Be Moving.

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Storybound Magazine - Issue No 12 | Fall 2018

The Florida Project • W1A • Masterclass • Audible • India • Minneapolis • & more


Storybound Magazine is a quarterly publication sharing the stories behind some of the recent projects and adventures at Storybound. Through combining the stories we create and the adventures and inspiring tales that help shape the storytelling world around us, we hope you catch a glimpse into the connection between them all—that core piece of our journey, following the heart of a great story. Through seeing all these stories unfold together, you may get an idea of just how interconnected every story is, how far one great story can reach.  

Explore storytelling through all sorts of angles—museum exhibits, fashion, art, theatre, books, film, television, narrative devices, travel, restaurants, and much more. 

About this Issue:

From the adventure of a lifetime to familiar weekend getaways, from discovering hauntingly realistic tales to exploring the classics again in a new medium, and from the loss of several great storytelling legends to the loss of one of the first major characters in my own childhood story, this was a monumental summer for story exploring. Yet all stories, no matter their size or distance, hold a greater meaning beneath the surface. And every story we found this quarter revealed endless levels to uncover. I hope recounting some of these tales encourages you to explore more in storytelling, under and across the surface, in your everyday world and in new territories, with any and every tool available.