Stories come in all shapes and sizes, so our work does too. Movie, show, book, painting, speech, event, or concert—every project, every adventure, chases their own North Star towards a great story. Your story is unique, and has its own path. We'll navigate the way there. 

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The craftsman who brings form. Design will take into consideration the given medium through which an audience experiences the story. They can tell this part should be blue to stand out, or if the moment will be lost if it happens during a transition, or that number of pieces is well balanced. 

Includes: Art Direction, Concept Design, Illustration, Visual Design, Graphic Design, & more

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Charting the course. Development will look at how the idea should proceed. He'll be able to tell which section may have rough waters, or this part will be smooth sailing, or we'll have to build a bridge between this part and that part.

Includes: Writing, Concept Development, Concept Design, Pitch Formatting, Editing, & more

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The captain at the helm. The director ensures the story is staying on course by keeping her eye on the North Star. She knows where we need to turn, or pick up pace, or wait for clouds to clear.

Includes: Direction, Production, Art Direction, Consulting, & more