Storybound Magazine is a quarterly publication sharing the stories behind some of the recent projects at Storybound and the inspiring tales we encounter in our travels along the way. Through seeing all these stories unfold together, we offer you a glimpse of just how interconnected every story is, and how far one great story can reach.  

I love exploring every detail of storytelling—taking apart every piece, the history behind elements, learning what makes a great story, and what makes a great telling, finding the same pieces and patterns in stories across dozens of platforms, discovering new stories and being surprised by new tellings. From travel, to restaurants, museum exhibits, fashion, art, theatre, books, film, television, narrative devices, and much more, we find time and again that great storytelling, no matter the shape it takes, is universal. Explore with us.

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Issue 10

Be Remarkable. Be Time-honored.

This tenth issue found storytellers in many forms taking inspiration from the stories before them. Whether telling the stories of the past as close to tradition as possible, or taking centuries of stories as inspiration for creating a new world, or using your own fiction combined with historical details to inform a design, a connection to the stories of old was always present. Through taking in the stories of our past, and continuing their telling, we connect our tales to a long tradition of searching for understanding. The stories we tell inform our world. We add our answers and perspectives to a stack of deep layers, their meanings and inspirations shining through every bit of our own stories.

In this Issue

West 111th St. People's Garden • Come From Away • A History of Magic: Harry Potter exhibition • Backstory • The Beaumont • Dallas • London • Oxford • Tel Aviv • Israel • & more

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Past Issues

Issue 9

Be Stirring. Be Resilient.

This issue looks at how both the “good” and the “bad” are necessary in storytelling. Balancing the two forces—good and evil, stasis and conflict, happy and sad—is crucial to moving the story forward. We saw some beauty and invention, and we saw dark history and trials. Across architecture, jewelry, theatre, literature, and history, we see these complexities approached by remarkable storytellers of all kinds. We found that among even the toughest stories there is a pattern: through any trial, through the worst of times, we rebuild, we come back to art, to beauty, to love. And we do through stories. 

In this Issue

Shiffon's Duet Pinky Ring • The Garry Marshall Theatre • Semperoper Dresden • Scary Stories • Peace • Hiroshima • Article 22 • New York • Chicago • Prague • Dresden • Kyoto • & more



Issue 8 

Be Timeless. Be Distinct.

Issue 8 explores how we enter the world of the storyteller in every telling, from finding pieces of stories millions of years old, to finding displays from today honoring the stories of yesterday, to watching pieces come together to tell the stories of tomorrow.  We travel to mid-nineteenth century America, early twentieth century Northern California, outer space, the intangible land that songs come from. Each journey, every story, transports us to a unique place and time.

In this Issue

Walnut Canyon • Montezuma's Castle • Meteor Crater • The Grand Canyon • Cahokia Mounds • Taylor Guitar Factory • National Steinbeck Center • Lincoln's Presidential Library • San Diego • Las Vegas • St. Louis • & more

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